Monday, July 9, 2012

My Wedding Day

I have had several requests to share pictures of my wedding day. So, here ya go! Enjoy! :)

This is me with my sweet bridesmaids.

I LOVE this picture of me and my groom. :)

First dance. 
 Bride's cake.

 Groom's cake. We are huge Tech fans!

Heading out after the reception.

We had the best time at our wedding! These pictures obviously don't do it justice, but it was the best day of my life. :)


Vickie said...

You look so pretty! Beautiful pictures!

Mrs. Shelton said...

Beautiful wedding!!!! I love that picture of you and your new groom too!!!

Kindergarten Korner

Sandy said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!!! I LOVE the color of the bridesmaids dresses!!!!! :-)

Lisa R. said...

Congratulations! Everything looks absolutely beautiful! :)
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Alessia Albanese said...

Congratulations, Julia! Beautiful pictures!

ΡΌ Alessia
Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

Sara Gaitan said...

Love the pics! Weddings happen so fast and the best moments are captured in photos.. I can tell you and your husband had an awesome day! Congrats!

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Tamera said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful bride!

Erica said...

How precious!!!!
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Unknown said...

Aww! You looks so pretty! I love your dress! Did you go on your honeymoon already? If you did, where did you go?

~Heidi V.

wedding planning education said...

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ms. rachel said...

lovely photos.. congratz, :)

♥ rachel
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