Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So far this week.....

Hi y'all! I hope your week has been off to a great start.

We had a great Monday and today we took a field trip. We went to the Corn Maize. We went into a big ol' field and tried to find our way out with clues. An example of the clue was "Is Mickey Mouse a dog or a mouse?" The answer depended on the way we went. Fun!! We then took a ride on a "cow train." I will have to post pictures this week because my explanation would not do this things justic. So, hang tight for the cow train. My little ones LOVED it and were completely energetic the rest of the day. :) Love those sweeties.

So, I have never really tried uploading more than one picture on here. Please bear with me, for a while I will probably be trying things out so I can get use to them. :)

Don't ya just love when your kiddos are in centers and completely surprise you? Here are some examples. :) They make my heart smile!!!

We were using dominoes during math centers and this little one started spelling his name. It made me SO happy!!! Notice the E in his name. That is how he writes it. PRESH. We are working on it though. :) :)

During farm week, we were using magnetic letter tiles to spell words from the book. This little one began playing around with letters with a serious look on his face. Then he said to me, "Look!!!!!!" Then points to his newly made word. LOVE THIS. :) I teach at a Christian Preschool so this just makes my heart happy.

Okay y'all, off topic here. I am getting married June 9, 2012 and I am SO EXCITED!! (WE are so excited! ha!) I ordered an Erin Condren wedding planner that I am completely stocked about. Totally obsessed with her products. (Life planner is amazing, by the way). I saw on her website that it has moved to PRINTED status!! YAY!! :) (Can y'all tell I am easily amused?!)

Have a GREAT rest of the week! We are on our Bear Unit so hopefully I will get some pictures up this week. My sweet mom is coming to visit my sister and I tomorrow so we are going to be spending some much needed time with her. Love when she comes. :)

Thanks for reading this! :) BLESSINGS!!