Monday, April 23, 2012

Conscious Discipline Behavior Strategy

I wanted to share with you a behavior management technique we have been using in my classroom for a while. It is from Conscious Discipline. It has worked wonderfully. In my classroom, we call it The Mirror. I am amazed at how well this technique has been working with my little ones. When one child is feeling angry or sad, they know they may go to the  mirror to choose a way to handle their anger, sadness, etc.

This is the front of it. I like how the children are able to see what they look like when they are feeling angry, sad, happy, etc. They must choose what their goal is and velcro it in the box. More times than not, they choose "feel better." :)

Once they have decided on a goal, they flip the mirror over. This is what the other side looks like. They are able to choose how they are feeling, and then decide how they are going to handle their feelings. They are given the choice to do things such as use a squeeze ball, draw a picture, and write in their journals.

I highly recommend this strategy to other teachers as well as parents. This teaches children that it is okay to be upset and angry. We must teach them how to handle these emotions in a healthy way and I think this strategy is a fabulous way to do that.

Enjoy your week!