Sunday, January 20, 2013

Math Fact Fluency

Happy Sunday!

I want to pick your brains a little bit. :)

As you know, this year I am teaching 2nd and 3rd grade. We are learning our multiplication and division facts now. Do you guys have any super fun ways for your kids to learn their math facts? I am all about fluency and so I'm wanting to get other ideas. Even you Pre-K teachers, how do you develop math fact fluency in your little ones?

I created this multiplication game to help with that. If any of you are interested, I will be happy to make an addition/subtraction/division set too. Just let me know. I created the multiplication because we are so close to know all of our facts, but we are still having trouble with 6-8. If you'd like to look at the game, click below.

So, what are your ideas for developing math fact fluency???

Have a fabulous Sunday!!! :)