Lessons I've Created

I decided I needed an archive of the lessons and activities I post on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook. So, here it is. Enjoy!

Insect Math and Literacy Activities- It's a Bug's Life!

Yee-Haw! Cowboy Math and Literacy Activities

Yee Haw! Math Game Freebie

Sun and Moon Activities

Transportation Literacy Activities

Building Words- Construction Theme

Valentine's Day Math and Literacy Activities

Freebie- Valentine's Day Roll and Graph

Freebie- Roll and Color

I Have, Who Has Sight Word Game- Winter Theme

I Have, Who Has- Number Recognition

Freebie- I Have, Who Has ABC Game

Freebie- Spin and Add Addition Activity

Beginning Sound Activity

Blast Off! Space-themed literacy game

Word Building Activity

Winter Math Center Activities

Back to the Barn! An Alphabet Recognition Activity

Back to the Barn! Sight Word Recognition Game

Freebie- Number Puzzles

Alphabet Puzzles

Sight Words

Daily Morning Work- Set 1

Daily Morning Work- Set 2

Daily Morning Work- Set 3

Daily Morning Work- Bundled Sets 1-4

Daily Morning Work- Set 5

Daily Morning Work- Set 6

Daily Morning Work- Set 7

4th Grade Morning Work- Set 1

**More morning work sets coming soon!

 Daily Schedule Cards

Chevron Substitute Binder Headers

Red and Black Substitute Binder Headers

Parts of Speech Posters

Word Wall Headers


Mrs. Crowder said...

This makes finding your posted projects so easy. Thanks so much!

Julia said...

Thank YOU!! So glad you are finding it helpful. :)

Lauren said...

I agree, this is so helpful!

Lauren C