Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zoo Week, A Freebie and A New Blog!

New Blog!
The wonderful director at my school has started a blog! She has started a blog to share her amazing ideas as well as get ideas from other people. Click here to check out her blog out and leave her some love!

We kicked off our study on zoo animals on Monday and we are learning so much! So far, we have learned about hippo's and giraffes. My little ones blew me away with what they remembered about hippo's from yesterday. Love them!

We started off by reading Big Babies, little babies. This is a great text that provides information for a variety of animals.

Some of my kiddos are still working on beginning sounds, so they have been doing this activity from here. It's been a great teaching tool for my little ones who are needing extra help and it has been a great refresher for my little ones who have mastered the concept.

We are working on one to one correspondence with a few of my students, so we played a matching game from here. We used the cards as well as animal manipulatives. It is just more fun with the plastic animals :)

I am a big advocate for fine motor development, especially in the early years, and I think lacing cards are wonderful to develop fine motor skills. This is a box of lacing cards my coworker let me borrow. My kids respond very well to lacing cards and always get so excited to see them in the classroom.

 Tomorrow we will be sorting farm and zoo animals. This is a hard concept for kids to grasp, so we just practice, practice, and read lots of books! :) Here is a sorting freebie for you. Click the picture to grab a copy.

This is actually part of my farm pack. You can click here if you'd like to purchase.

I'll try to remember to take more pictures!! Have a great rest of the week!