Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Have, Who Has Games

Do you ever play I Have, Who Has games with your kiddos? We have recently started playing and it is so fun! The great thing about it, is that you can play by saying the letters OR the letter sounds. I am completely amazed by the progress of some of my kids just from playing this game. It also builds confidence in the little ones because they are standing and speaking in front of their peers.

I keep these cards in a box right by my chair. That way, it's easily accessible so I can grab and we can play.

Here's how you play: Pass out any number of cards to your group. I have 14 kids, so each child gets 2-3 cards and that works just fine. The kids stay sitting and the child who has the first card "A" begins by standing up. They will say, "I have A, who has B? (or whatever letter is on the card)" The person who has the letter being called will stand up and repeat the same process. This continues until the last card is read. My kids LOVE this game because we always time ourselves. We like to beat our previous time. I know yours will love it too! Click the picture for your free copy. This download has the letters in random order and in alphabetical order.

Here is a link for a number I Have, Who Has game. It focuses on numbers up to 30.


Erica said...

These are great! THanks so much!


Sprinkles to Kindergarten

Heather's Heart said...

Can I tell you I about flipped out when I saw your Shubert book??!!!????

OMGosh! I love Shubert and Conscious Discipline. I am always sharing about it on my blog because it is all kinds of amazing!

I am glad to have found another Shubert friend! Do you have all of the Conscious Discipline cd's?

Heather's Heart

Sara said...

I downloaded the alphabet version of "I Have, Who Has" game and I played it with my preschoolers today and they liked it!! A good majority of them were able to identify the letters! So it was a fun letter review game!
Thanks for sharing....I plan to download and play the number version soon!