Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yee-Haw! Our week with Cowboy Math and Literacy Activities!

Y'all, do I "sound" so Texan with that title? HA!! I love it! I wanted to share what we've been doing in class this week.

We sorted pictures by syllables. 

This game is called "Yee-Haw" and it is played just like "Vroom, Vroom!" (Vroom, Vroom! is in my Here, There, and Everywhere activity pack). Super fun game! My kids always enjoy it. 

The kids matched number words (cowboys) to the numbers (horses), then wrote the number words on a recording sheet. This was a challenge for some, so I read the number word and had them find the number. 

The kids really enjoyed this one. They rolled 2 die, added the dots together, and dotted the sum on the cowboy. There is also a colored version available in my Cowboy Math and Literacy Activities. 

We made Texas flags. 

Roll and Record activities are always a hit in my room. I snapped a picture while this little one was in the middle of doing this activity. She was set on graphing her badge starting from the top?! Silly goose. :)

We played a memory/matching game. 

Here is a beginning sound activity we did. I was running low on time with laminating, so I stuck the clip cards in a sheet protector so the kids could clip it that way. Once the kids clipped the beginning sound, they wrote the beginning sound. I sometimes like to laminate the recording sheets so the kids can use dry erase markers. It gives it a nice little twist. :)

These were just a few of the many activities we did this week! If you'd like to purchase these on TPT, you can do so by clicking the picture below on the left. If you'd rather purchase from Teacher's Notebook, click the preview picture on the right. Tomorrow we will all dress up in our best western attire! :) We have had a great time this week and I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Did you grab my freebie math game that goes along with the cowboy theme? Click the picture to download. 


TGIF!!!!! :)