Wednesday, May 23, 2012

End of year gifts

I wanted to share with you what I gave my sweeties for end of the year gifts. I am so sad the year is over, but so excited to be getting married in a little over 2 weeks!

At our Pre-K graduation, I have my little ones an owl bag with candy and a slideshow I made with pictures from the year. It was so special for me to make. On each DVD I wrote a short message: "Owl" miss you! Pop this into a DVD player for a sweet reminder of Pre-K!"

If you are looking to make a video for your little ones, I highly recommend using Windows Live Movie Maker. It's super easy!

There are so many sweet and adorable ideas for end of the year gifts. What are you doing for your kiddos?


Mrs. Cupcake said...

Super cute!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Lisa R. said...

I love your owl bags!! Congratulations on getting married!

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Lauren said...

This is adorable!

Lauren C

Miss Trayers said...

What a cute idea! Congratulations also-planning a wedding and teaching at the same time is definitely a feat! :)


KathyC said...

I am working on that today! I teach so many kids in my 8 classes that I cannot buy for everyone, unless they all get tiny things. I decided this year just to give my Kindergarten class & my homeroom class a present. I have ice pops for the rest, but unfortunately we have a few with allergies that cannot have ANYTHING that is not from home, and I don't like anyone to feel left out, so those classes will not get anything at all.

My Kindergarten class is getting a inflatable mini-fish with a hanging tag that says "You are o-fish-ally a first grader." I am hoping the tag on the line looks like a fishing line. They are also getting a pencil that says "Learning is a blast."

My homeroom kids are moving onto Kindergarten, so their pencil says "Reach for the stars" and am still working on what else. Am blog hopping today to see what inspiration I can get.

Mrs. Felicien said...

I love your owl gift. That is adorable and I know your students will definitely treasure it.

For my end of the year gift to my students, I gave them water bottles with treats and prizes inside of them. I attached a tag that said "Thanks for being a Good Sport in pre-k". Also, I made an "Pre-k Memories" dvd of our entire school year using iphoto. My students were so excited when we viewed it as a class.