Saturday, September 1, 2012

Types of Sentences and DOT Folder uploaded

Hi y'all! Well, this new switch is certainly wearing me out!! I am actually teaching a combination class.. of 2nd and 3rd graders! The good things is that I don't have a large class, so I am able to really focus on children individually. LOVE THAT!

We have already been in school 4 weeks! Crazy! How has your school year started out? Wonderful I hope! I am sure y'all are exhausted too!

The past couple weeks we have really been focusing on the 4 types of sentences. We follow a curriculum that is really spending a lot of time of this. Unfortunately, some of my kids aren't getting it. So, I created some activities to help them. I have uploaded it to Teacher's Pay Teachers if you're interested.

I also uploaded our daily take home system that we are using this year... DOT (Daily Organizational Tool). I got the idea from Google and just created some labels for my kids. There are colored versions and a more simpler version that uses less ink. You can grab it here.

Enjoy your LONG weekend!!! :)